Business Economics

The study programme Business Economics is designed for students who seek high-quality education and wish to acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them to assume an active role in the modern business world. The four elective modules of the study programme Business Economics are: 

  • Finance and Banking. Taking into account the central role of finance in business growth and development of the overall economy, it can be concluded that there will be a growing need for experts in this field in the upcoming years, which shall be able to contribute to daily business activities and strategic business decision making.
  • Accounting and Auditing. The Faculty of Business has its own tradition of educating staff in the field of accounting and auditing, ever since its establishment. Modern business systems could not function without experts in these disciplines: accounting is the basis for financial statements preparation for the purpose of decision making, while auditing contributes to enhancing the work process of a company by identifying its weaknesses and flaws, and finding ways to overcome them.
  • Marketing and Management. This module is designed in accordance with the demands of the modern market: contemporary experts in the field of marketing management and trading operations need to be well-attained, communicative, creative and wise in their daily work and strategic business decision making.
  • Human Resources Management. The quality of human resources and employee motivation system are the key factors for long-term survival of the company in the market, and their creativity affects the quality of relationships with potential customers and users of products and services. 

The key aspect of the teaching process at this study programme is the use of case study methodology, which allows the students to develop systematic and analytical problem-solving skills through analysis of case studies of successful companies in the country and abroad. Lectures in applied economic courses rely on advanced software in the field of finance and accounting as well as SAP, Pantheon, Asseco, Bloomberg and platform Forex. Continuous work of students in acquiring professional business skills (hard skills) and personal business skills (soft skills), enables them to acquire a full range of skills necessary for successful career development. Another advantage of this modern study programme is the possibility of learning two foreign languages; English is compulsory, whereas the second foreign language is optional: German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Upon successful completion of studies, students of this study programme acquire the academic title of Bachelor of Science in Economics (BSc. in Econ.) 

Employment opportunities upon studies are numerous and include the following: banking officer, broker, dealer, secondary school teacher, property appraiser, risk appraiser, entrepreneur, accountant, auditor - internal and external, advisor in the client sector - natural and legal persons, HR manager, HR specialist, HR department associate, Public Relations department associate, financial sector officer, logistics sector officer, public administration officer, financial analyst and financial consultant. Moreover, it offers abundance of opportunities to work in the following areas: advertising (creative director, strategic planner, BTL director) marketing consulting (marketing consultant, project manager), digital marketing (manager / director of digital marketing companies or marketing agencies), marketing research (research project manager, business analyst), public relations (PR manager in a company or agency). They can also perform tasks related to event planning, product development, brand development, as well as in the areas of procurement and sales (procurement manager, sales manager, and logistics manager), import and export (import and shipping manager, sales and export manager).

Upon successful completion of studies, the students will acquire relevant skills and knowledge that will enable them to be competitive in the labour market. Course books and study materials for the current semester are included in the tuition fee. 


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