Aleksandar Đorđević



  • S. Alčaković, A. Đorđević, N. Savanović, Digitalni marketing, Univerzitet Singidunum, 2021

Radovi u časopisima:

  • M. Zivkovic, N. Bacanin, K. Venkatachalam, A. Nayyar, A. Djordjevic, I. Strumberger, F. Al-Turjman, COVID-19 cases prediction by using hybrid machine learning and beetle antennae search approach, Sustainable Cities and Society, Vol. 66, No. 102669, pp. 0 - 0, Mar, 2021

Radovi na konferencijama:

  • J. Gajić, A. Đorđević, Digital Communicaton and Connectivity in Overcoming theWider Affect of the Pandemic Crisis, FINIZ 2019 Singidunum University International Scientific Conference Sinigdunum University, 2021
  • Aleksandar Djordjevic, Optimization of Digital Marketing Processes Through Modeling of Lead-Scoring, Proceedings of Sinteza 2019 - International scientific conference on information technology and data related research, pp. 32 - 37, Apr, 2019
  • Aleksandar Djordjevic, Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Management of Digital Marketing Advertising Campaign – with Special Focus on the GCC Region, International Journal of Economics and Management Systems, pp. 13 - 18, Feb, 2019

Ostali radovi:

  • M. Zivkovic, N. Bacanin, A. Djordjevic, M. Antonijevic, I. Strumberger, V. K, R. Tarik, Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Machine Learning Method for COVID-19 Cases Prediction, Chapter in Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems: ICSES 2020: International Conference on Sustainable Expert Systems, Springer, LNNS, volume 176, Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, ICSES 2020: International Conference on Sustainable Expert Systems, volume 176, pp. 169 - 184, Springer, Singapore, Nepal, Mar, 2021
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