Master Programme in Business Economics for Iranian students in cooperation with TOSE'E Higher Education Institute (TIHE), Tehran, Iran

If you are an Iranian student who finds it too challenging to go to Europe for acquiring knowledge and qualification at European universities, this is the right programme for you. TOSE'E Higher Education Institute (TIHE) has established cooperation with Singidunum University, Belgrade, Serbia and offers this outstanding master programme in Iran.

If you are interested in pursuing a successful career in the field of finance and banking, accounting and auditing, insurance, marketing and trade, strategic management and human resource management, our master study programme entitled Business Economics is the right choice for you.

Upon completion of the programme, the students will develop knowledge and skills needed to perform various jobs in the banking sector, financial services industry, tax services, consulting firms, bookkeeping agencies, insurance companies, marketing agencies etc.

Study program Master of Business Economics will be taught in Iran by Singidunum University professors and according to Singidunum University curricula which consists of:


  • Marketing Management:
    • The aim of the course is to enable students to gain relevant knowledge and skills on how to choose target markets and create maintain and increase the number of clients by creating, delivering and communicating the superior value for clients.
  • Financial Reporting and Business decision-making:
    • This course should enable students to acquire theoretical-analytical and applied knowledge in the area of financial reporting and business decision making. The students should also master the financial reporting and business decision-making techniques, and become conversant with the modern achievements in financial reporting and business decision making.
  • Strategic and Operational Management:
    • The course aims to equip students with necessary knowledge and skills that could enable them to successfully run organizations and make them more efficient.
  • Leadership and Change Management:
    • The students should be able to initiate and manage change in the conditions of global competition.
  • Human Resource Management:
    • The aim of this course is to make students conversant with the importance of human resources in contemporary business environment, as creative and innovative part of every organization. The students should learn more about the concept and evolution of human resource management, human resource process and methods that organizations use to attract, maintain, motivate and reward their employees so that they would contribute to achieving the strategic goals of an organization.


It will enable students to apply basic theoretical-methodological, scientific and expert knowledge and methods when solving concrete problems within various segments of business economics: finance and banking, accounting and audit, insurance and marketing management and trade, human resource management. When preparing this research paper, the students examine the problem, its structure and complexity, and based on the analysis conducted, they draw conclusions on possible solutions and making adequate strategic decisions. By exploring the given literature, the students become more conversant with the methods and practices used in solving similar tasks.


The goal of preparation and defence of the final master thesis is to enable students to show independent and creative approach to implementation of scientific-research methods in problem solving, decision making and implementation of those decisions in life of an organization in the field of internal audit and forensics.

Why Pursue a Master's Degree?

  1. Higher level of education increases one’s employment opportunities,
  2. Individual approach to candidate through mentoring significantly enhances the quality of the entire learning process and one’s academic advancement,
  3. Contemporary curricula provide an upgrade of practical and theoretical knowledge acquired during the bachelor studies,
  4. Through preparation of master thesis, a candidate learns how to explore, and disseminate research results as a preparation for doctoral studies,
  5. Through conducting research, the candidates are getting familiar with the new trends and tendencies in the selected scientific field.


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