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Singidunum University is a private University in Serbia with the mission to enable the transfer of modern knowledge, methods, and scientific techniques. It is the first private university to be accredited under the new Law on Higher Education. English-taught study programmes at Singidunum University are accredited in accordance with the Law on Higher Education by the Commission of Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Serbia. The curricula are harmonized with the principles of the Bologna Declaration including the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Bachelor programs at the Singidunum University are four-year studies, amounting to 240 ECTS, 60 ECTS per academic year and fully thought in English language. Singidunum University diplomas and recognized in the country and abroad.

A wide range of study programs and overall academic experience will prepare students to become skillful professionals with strong working ethics and global citizens ready for all professional challenges and devoted to making an impact. The study programs are adapted to the needs of the modern business environment, the classes are taught by over 300 distinguished professors with international experience, from the country and abroad, in a high-quality and modern space. Private faculties within Singidunum University implement study programs in the fields of economics, tourism and hotel management, food economics, information technologies, software and data engineering, environment and sustainable development, and English language.

Singidunum University was a pioneer in introducing the hybrid teaching model in Serbia providing a safe model of education and great flexibility for students. The combined, i.e., hybrid, model of teaching implies the combination of direct teaching at the premises of Singidunum University as well as the possibility of following the teaching online. For the implementation of online good quality studying at Singidunum University, the latest equipment is used with the support of the Microsoft Teams platform. Our students can follow classes online from any location enjoying the comfort of their homes, in real-time, as well as watch all lectures at a time that suits them. All lectures are recorded and are available on the Microsoft Teams platform. At Singidunum University, all exams take place in person at one of two campuses in Belgrade.

Today, more than 10,000 students study at Singidunum University. Teaching takes place in 20,000 m² of high-quality space, equipped with modern information infrastructure, audio-video and other equipment necessary for the modern implementation of teaching activities. The university has 25 amphitheaters, 50 lecture halls and 14 computer rooms.

Singidunum University strives to educate and train students and provide them with relevant knowledge and skills to compete efficiently in the international labour market, as well as to enable future graduates to keep pace with modern business trends.

If you would like to become a part of our successful academic journey start by filling out the online registration form. Upon successfully completing the online registration form, the candidates shall be contacted by the Student Service associate and shall receive further information regarding admission to the University and the enrollment procedure.

Online registration and entrance exam are free of charge.

If you have any further inquiries about the study programmes available at Singidunum University, please contact us via or come and visit us at 32 Danijelova Street where our colleagues will warmly welcome you and provide you with all necessary information.

Opening hours: Weekdays (08:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m)