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PhD study programmes:

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PhD programs at Singidunum University are research-oriented, dynamic, and focused on the particular topic of interest.

The length of PhD studies is three years and it carries 180 ECTS.

All doctoral study programs are accredited by the Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance under the terms of the Law on Higher Education of the Republic of Serbia.

Doctoral studies last three years (six semesters) and contains 180 ECTS. Upon defending a doctoral dissertation, a student acquires the title of a PhD.

Purpose of doctoral studies

The purpose of doctoral study program is to train students in:

Doctoral programmes involve extensive scientific research and publication of papers in scientific journals. The emphasis is on the independent study-research work of the candidate, verified through the accompanying scientific research projects and publications. Doctoral exams are taken through scientific papers.  PhD thesis is the final part of the doctoral study programme


The admission to a doctoral programme is conditional only to the prior achievement of at least 300 ECTS credits. Doctoral studies are intended for candidates who have acquired the title of master (300 ECTS or equivalent) or have achieved 300 ECTS in undergraduate studies (5 years) with an average grade of 8 or more.

Lectures begin in FEBRUARY. Admission quotas are limited.

Should you like to pay us a visit and get additional information about doctoral study programs and study methods, you are most welcome to come to our doctoral studies service every working day from 8AM up to 6PM and, and on Saturdays from 9AM -2PM. The address is Danijelova 32 Street.